Land of Medicine Buddha (LMB)- Soquel, California

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3 min readJan 5, 2021

Land of Medicine Buddha trail is part of the ‘Enchanted Forest’ Loop. The tribe feels blessed to have discovered this serene location so close to home. This is part of a Buddhist Retreat but open to public for day use

Tribe was not sure what to expect, but as we pulled in from the busy highway into the dense redwood forest the air of serenity surrounded us. Prescott Road gets you to a dead end and a bridge, head up the hill and a dirt road towards your left will lead to the trail. The parking is usually free, but if you wish to donate you are welcome to do so and grab a map.

Walk the path of serenity in this tranquil forest and become one with nature — Land of Medicine Buddha has true healing powers

The LMB loop trail is about 6 miles, the tribe took ample time to soak in the peace surrounding us. Right from the start of the trail the tranquility of this place engulfs you. The smell of the dense redwoods, ferns, moss and moist soil accentuated with the soft sound of the creek hits the soul somewhere deep within. Tribe’s furry companion could not hold her excitement soaking the smells and running down to the creek in the ravine. Banana slugs were out in all their bright glory lining up the moist soil. Fallen trees covered with more moss and developing habitat for mushrooms of all sizes was such a delight to observe. Each turn had hidden treasures bestowed by nature to discover.

The initial two miles is relatively flat, it takes you to a creek crossing that leads to the steeper part of the trail. The colorful prayer flags line up the forest path, follow these for direction. Tribe stopped along the way to continue to cherish the beauty and peace of the surrounding. Further up the forest changes from redwoods to more of oak trees. Also be mindful of poison ivy which is in abundance around this part of the forest. We realized that there were so many meditation spots along the way. Grab one if you are up for it!

When you come across a bunch of prayer flags on your right, this is the shortcut back to the retreat via the stupa. If you go towards left there is a shire made on a fallen tree with photos, jewelry other items which are memories of the loved ones.

At the Land of Medicine Buddha nature speaks, one has to be quite enough to hear this incredible story.

Your journey will lead you towards the the Eight Verses Loop, the Buddhist verse carved on metal plates and some benches. A stupa, prayer wheel, gong and large golden Buddha will remind you of the wonderful hymn — Om Mani Padme Hung which is an ancient Buddhist mantra translates to “Praise to the Jewel in the Lotus.” Upon arrival at the prayer wheel, the tribe spanned it in clockwise direction and prayed for love, peace and positivity for one and all.

Learning’s from the tribe — Reminded of the Buddhist teaching of respect for nature, respect for life, respect for honesty, respect for a clear mind and respect for others property. And of course the hymn ‘Om Mani Padme Hung, Om Mani Padme Hung……’

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